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Use Mechanica

You have developed a familiarity with machines that allows you to use complicated devices even if you are not trained in their specific designs. You can also read and understand blue-prints, although you do not gain the ability to build any of the blue-prints you read.

Task Use Magic Device DC
Activate Blindly 25
Decipher a blue-print 25 + device level
Use a complex trigger device 20 + device level
Use a simple trigger device 20
Emulate Intelligence See text


This skill allows you to activate mechanica and read their blueprints as if you had designed and built the machine yourself. The Use mechanica skill is used every time you activate a machine whose design is unfamiliar to you. If the device functions for a duration longer then one hour, a check is required for each additional hour of operation past the first.

The DCs for various tasks involved in the Use Mechanica skill is detailed below.

Activate blindly: Most artisan devices are complicated and unruly for those unfamiliar with them to use. With no instructions and no obvious point and click features the complex procedures to make the machine function your only recourse is to hit buttons, turn knobs and kick the thing until it does what you want it to. If you have successfully activated the device before you get a +2 Use Mechanical Device to sequential attempts. If you fail by 9 or less the devices simply fails to activate. If you fail the check by 10 points or more the device malfunctions, [see malfunctions].

Decipher blue-print: By thoroughly studying the blue-prints of a machine you can familiarize yourself with it’s design. You understand it’s functions and how to use it. You are treated as knowing the functions required for operating the item for which the blue prints are for, though you still must have an intelligence score of at least 10 + device level to activate the machine. This doesn’t grant you the ability to use other items with similar functions, regardless of how alike they may be.Attempting to study blue-prints requires a minimum of 3 rounds per function. If you have the ability craft artisan devices, deciphering blue prints in this manner adds each of it’s functions to your known functions.

Use a complex trigger device: When most artisan’s use their devices, they are so familiar with activating the machine that they do so instinctively. Others, however have a much more difficult time. Use Mechanical Device allows you to use an item as if you designed and build it yourself. The DC is equal to 20 + the level of the item. Using an item in this manor also requires that you have a intelligence score of at least 10 + device level. If your intelligence doesn’t meet the requirement then the machine’s processes are too complicated for you to decipher and the attempt fails. You can still resort to the activate blindly option or use emulate Intelligence.

Use a simple trigger device: Devices designed to have simple trigger activations are easier for people who didn’t build them to activate. Although you still need an intelligence score of at least 10 + device level, the DC is 20 regardless of device level.

Emulate Intelligence: To activate most mechanica you need a high Intelligence score. Typically 10 + device level. Your effective Intelligence score is your Use Machanica check result minus 15. If you already have a high enough Intelligence, you don’t need to make this check.


None. The Use Mechanica check is made as part of the action required to activate the artisan item.

Try again

Yes. However, if you ever roll a natural 1 while attempting to activate a device and the result is a failure you can not try to use the device again for 24 hours.


You cannot take a 10 with this skill.

You can only aid another in their Use Mechanica check if you have each function the item uses as a Known Function class feature, or if you have successfully deciphered a blue-print of the item they are attempting to activate.

If you have the Mechanical Knack feat, you gain a +2 bonus on Use Mechanica checks. If you have 10 or more ranks in this skill, the bonus increases to +4.

Use Mechanica

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